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Steven Adams says Russell Westbrook ‘is very easy to get along with’

Thunder, Russell Westbrook, Steven Adams

Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams says star point guard Russell Westbrook “is very easy to get along with.”

There’s this narrative around the league that Westbrook is a bad teammate and not a good locker room guy. Adams, though, says that’s not true at all and that the Thunder superstar is a normal person.

“There’s no – he’s a super easy, super chill, guy. Yeah. It’s very easy to get along with him,” Adams told Sam Amick of The Athletic. “He checks on everything about you – family good? All that sort of stuff, like any decent person. He’s a normal, decent person. He’s a very normal, functioning human. There’s no real special bond between me and him, but it is a personal relationship, obviously. It’s not just work. But he has that with a bunch of the other players too. I wouldn’t say ours is any more special, apart from the fact that maybe we spent a bit more time together. But that’s about it.”

After Kevin Durant left the Thunder in the summer of 2016 to join the Golden State Warriors, Westbrook’s image around the NBA took a hit because many thought Durant left OKC to escape Westbrook.

It’s clear as day, though, that Westbrook is loved by his Thunder teammates.