The 2016 NBA Finals clearly hasn't been the most exciting series so far.

The star power is top-notch with Stephen Curry‘s Golden State Warriors and LeBron JamesCleveland Cavaliers, but the competition on the court is severely lacking. After a pair of dominant victories for the Dubs in the first two games, the drama of the Finals has failed to live up to the exciting Western Conference Finals series between Golden State and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Now, the series shifts to Cleveland for Game's 3 and 4. The championship-starved city was anticipating these games to be a time for redemption, but instead, they've only led to more sorrow so far.

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There's still plenty of time for the Cavs to make a comeback and shock the world by winning this series, but the confidence among their own fans appears to be dropping, at least according to the ticket prices for Game 3.

That's pretty low for a NBA Finals game. Many fans still believe in their team of course, but the excitement around Cleveland isn't nearly as great as it was when Game 1 tipped off.

It's time for the Cavs to show their dedicated fanbase what they're made of and make this a series.

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