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Adam Silver reacts to the Jimmy Butler-Timberwolves drama

jimmy butler, adam silver

Even NBA Commissioner Adam Silver himself has chimed in on the Jimmy Butler-Minnesota Timberwolves fiasco.

TMZ Sports caught up with Silver as he was leaving a building. And they did not hesitate to ask the commissioner what his thoughts are regarding the drama in Minnesota.

Silver simply said that both parties have to work something out:

“They gotta work it out.”

“I think that Jimmy is obviously a fantastic player. Timberwolves had a great season last year,” Silver said.”

“He’s got 1 year left on his contract and I know Jimmy, that if they don’t end up doing the right deal for him [to trade him away], he’s gonna play hard and he’s gonna stay this year.”

Check out the full video below where Silver also shared his thoughts on the latest developments around the league, especially with the Los Angeles Lakers.

To recall, Butler requested for a trade several weeks ago during his much-anticipated meeting with head coach Tom Thibodeau. Prior to this, rumors have been circulating that Butler has not been seeing eye-to-eye with the Timberwolves’ young stars in Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns.

Such rumors turned into reality when recently, Butler practiced with the Wolves. And during the scrimmage, various reports revealed that Butler went right at Wiggins and Towns, calling them soft. Butler didn’t just target the players. He also took shots at the coaches and the front office claiming that they need him to win.

The Timberwolves have had trade discussions with the Miami Heat but couldn’t seem to seal a beneficial agreement.