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Sorry Titanfall fans, your Apex Legends hack didn’t do you any favors

Titanfall fans achieved nothing with their Apex Legends hack

Last SundayTitanfall fans who have had enough of Titanfall hackers hacked into Apex Legends. This was an ill-guided attempt to catch the developers Respawn Entertainment’s attention on the matter.

See, Titanfall has become infested with a lot of nasty hackers, and fans have felt that there’s no other recourse left. With Respawn Entertainment not being able to address the issue at hand, Titanfall fans hacked into Apex Legends in hopes that this will force the hand of the devs to do something. However, we described this as an ill-guided attempt because these hacks have led to nowhere so far.

Respawn Entertainment’s Director of Communications Ryan Rigney came forward on Twitter earlier today, saying that the hacks have achieved nothing of value.

Long story short, Respawn has already acknowledged the hacking problems that Titanfall games have been experiencing. Prior to the attack, Respawn has acknowledged the issue a week prior, with their earliest acknowledgment being up since last May. Respawn was not happy with how Titanfall fans have acted, with Rigney’s tone in his tweets not masking any displeasure. “Nobody wants to hear devs complain when DDoS attacks are still a problem we haven’t solved. But this article is right,” tweets Rigney, referring to an article by The Gamer. “I was holding my newborn nephew when I found out about the Apex hack. Had to hand him back, go work, and miss out on a day with family.”

Rigney also relates that awareness is not the problem. The Titanfall team is aware of the hacking issue, it’s just that the solution isn’t so easy to come up with. “The team has never stopped working on DDoS solutions, and anti-cheat is just a never-ending war of whack-a-mole.”