Overwatch 2 has finally been released and with it comes many changes to the game. With the release of Overwatch 2, Blizzard tweaked and rebalanced many of the characters from the roster. Among the current roles available, the DPS role has the most number of heroes. Because of this, it can be difficult to narrow down which hero to play for the team. There is also the fact that as a DPS, consistently dealing damage is very important. As such, we narrowed down the top 5 DPS in the current Overwatch 2 roster.



Sojourn is one of the brand new heroes that came out in Overwatch 2. At first glance, she plays a lot like Soldier 76. However, unlike Soldier 76, she doesn’t have any healing utility. In the absence of that, she makes up for it with very damaging abilities. In addition, her movement ability also allows her to make great escapes in spicy situations. Among these abilities, her greatest strength lies in her right-click ability which is her railgun. Her railgun charges up as she hits shields or other players with her left click. When it fully charges, you can use the right click to release the stored up charge and deal massive damage to an opponent. Aside from those, her utility in her E skill allows her to deny area from opponents as this skill deals significant damage. Her ultimate boosts her damage ability even further by supercharging her railgun. All in all, her kit allows her to dish out constant non-stop damage which makes her a top tier DPS to have on any team and any map.


With the arrival of season 2 in Overwatch 2, the meta shifted in favor of Widowmaker. Despite not receiving any significant buffs, she has become a staple in many team compositions due to her high burst damage output. This means that she is able to apply a lot of damage instantly. Her rifle, “Widow's Kiss” allows her to snipe opponents from afar and deal a lot of damage to them from that distance. This main weapon of hers is supported by the rest of her kit. Her grappling hook movement skill allows her to quickly get to heights for an easy vantage point. Her utility skill places a poison spider trap. This is usually used to make sure that no one is cheeky enough to sneak up behind her. Surprisingly, her ultimate skill, “Infra-Sight” lets allies know the location of all opponents at that instant. This is especially significant as it gives a lot of information on the opponents' movements.


Torbjörn is a DPS hero in Overwatch 2 that was never really considered meta during the first season and was even considered to be a very niche hero. However, with the arrival of season 2 in Overwatch 2, the meta has shifted its eyes to Torbjörn due to the versatility of his kit. His main weapon is a Rivet gun that has a very slow rate of fire. The alternate fire can be used to fire spread shots at a short range. Despite being a DPS hero, his main damage does not come from his main weapon. Instead, it comes from his unique skill of being able to place down a turret that automatically shoots at enemies. The rest of his kit plays around this turret. He can switch his main weapon into a forge hammer that can repair the turret when it is damaged. Aside from that, he has skills that regenerate his health and boosts his attack and reload speed with his main gun. Aside from these, his ultimate skill gives him strong area denial as it lets him create Molten pools that deal significant damage towards opponents. Considering the meta this season 2, his kit is especially significant as the extra health prevents him from getting one shot and his ultimate skill has very strong area denial.


Junkrat has not changed since the first season in Overwatch 2. However, with this season and the meta revolving around it, Junkrat has found his place in it despite not receiving any buffs or nerfs for that matter. What made him earn a solid place in the Top 5 DPS in the roster of Overwatch 2 is because his kit revolves around a lot of area denial. His main weapon is the frag launcher which is unlike most DPS weapons as it deals AoE damage instead of the typical single target weapon. In addition, his other skills revolve around this area denial. His Steel Trap deals damage to opponents when they step on it. Meanwhile, his concussion mine knocks opponents back. It can also be used for movement to get to boost him up. The ultimate skill of Junkrat is called Rip-Tire. What this does is that it sends a wheel that the player can pilot and explodes on contact with an opponent. This ultimate skill of his provides a lot of area denial as the AoE of this skill is pretty big and it also deals a significant amount of damage as well.


Soldier 76 is one of the most iconic heroes in the Overwatch series. Thankfully, Soldier 76 is still the same versatile and simple to use hero in Overwatch 2. Even though he still retains most of his kit from the first Overwatch, it is what makes him strong. Soldier 76 still uses his signature automatic heavy pulse rifle. His Shift skill is the same sprint which allows him to maneuver around enemies fast. The healing field in his E skill and the helix rockets from his right click are still the same as they were in the first game. However, despite being mostly similar, what makes him an excellent damage dealer is his constant output of damage. This is especially significant when he uses his ultimate skill, Tactical Visor. This allows all his bullets to hit opponents in his view. The versatility of Soldier 76 in Overwatch 2 lets him take a spot on our top 5 DPS list.