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Top NBA 2K22 Season 4 Hunt 4 Glory Player Cards

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It’s Saturday, January 15. Season 4: Hunt 4 Glory is finally here, bringing with us some of the best cards ever in NBA 2K22. Hunt 4 Glory will let you finally unlock the Legend Reward in MyPlayer, but a wholly different ball game is in store for MyTEAM players. That being – collection rewards can now snag you the first Dark Matter 99 OVR Player Card – Dark Matter Gary Payton, for collecting 3,000 cards this season. With that in mind, there are also a lot of other cards worth collecting this season. So, here are the top NBA 2K22 MyTEAM Player Cards to gun for in Season 4 Hunt 4 Glory:

#1 – 99 OVR Dark Matter Gary Payton is coming

While he is not yet attainable right now, players will have to keep an open eye for the upcoming Dark Matter 99 OVR Gary Payton card. It will become claimable by players who hit the 3,000 cards Collector Reward. So, hang on to your cards this Season and collect as many cards as you can. Don’t go to the Exchange, don’t sell them, don’t put any on the auction (unless it’ll help you buy out more cards for your collection). Once new cards get released this season, Gary Payton will be within your reach.

#2 – #12 Galaxy Opal Season 4 Rewards

With the release of Season 3 Iced Out, Galaxy Opals were introduced for the first time. Allen Iverson will quickly be forgotten as the first Galaxy Opal with the release of TEN new Galaxy Opal Rewards from the different game modes in NBA 2K22 Season 4 MyTEAM. That many MyPlayer cards mean you can quickly build up a ten-man roster of Galaxy Opals just with this season’s rewards. And here they are:

  • 98 OVR Galaxy Opal Paul Pierce (SF/PF) – Collection Rewards
  • 97 OVR Galaxy Opal Andre Iguodala (SF/SG) – Collection Rewards
  • 97 OVR Galaxy Opal Yao Ming (C) – Rank 40 Reward
  • 97 OVR Galaxy Opal Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (PG/SG) – Limited Rewards
  • 97 OVR Galaxy Opal Reggie Lewis (SG/SF) – Clutch Time Rewards
  • 97 OVR Galaxy Opal Pascal Siakam (PF/C) – Clutch Time Rewards
  • 97 OVR Galaxy Opal Tony Parker (PG/SG) – Draft Rewards
  • 97 OVR Galaxy Opal Danny Granger (SF/PF) – Unlimited Rewards
  • 97 OVR Galaxy Opal Maurice Lucas (PF/C) – Ascension Rewards
  • 97 OVR Galaxy Opal Terry Cummings (PF/C) – Terry Cummings
  • 97 OVR Galaxy Opal Baron Davis (PG/SG) – Baron Davis

#13 – #14 – Galaxy Opal Signature Series IV

Two of the best basketball players of the 2010s era that are still going strong in the 2020s are honored with their new Galaxy Opal Signature Series cards. Grab them through the Pack Store or by winning the Signature Series IV Challenge to grab a free pack.

#13 – 16 – 96 OVR Hunt 4 Glory Player Card Rewards

There are also some Pink Diamonds that you should look out for in your bid to build the best team this season:

  • 96 OVR Onyx Stephon Marbury (PG/SG) – Level 1 Reward
  • 96 OVR Pink Diamond Xavier McDaniel (SF/PF) – Triple Threat Rewards
  • 96 OVR Pink Diamond Cazzie Russell (SF/SG) – Triple Threat Rewards
  • 96 OVR Pink Diamond Antonio McDyess (PF/C) – Exchange Rewards

#17 – 19 – 95 OVR Hunt 4 Glory Pink Diamond Player Card Rewards

Some more Pink Diamonds that you can get from Season 4 Rewards:

  • 95 OVR Pink Diamond Mark Price (PG/SG) – Clutch Time Rewards
  • 95 OVR Pink Diamond Bailey Howell (SF/PF) – Rank 33 Rewards
  • 95 OVR Pink Diamond Doug West (SG/SF) – Token Rewards

#20 – 21 – 95 OVR Pink Diamond Signature Series IV

Debuting with the Signature Series cards for Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant are two legends of their own right:

  • 95 OVR Pink Diamond Joe Johnson (SG/SF)
  • 95 OVR Pink Diamond Kyrie Irving (PG/SG)

BONUS: All the new Diamonds at the launch of Season 4 Hunt 4 Glory

Way back in Season 1, we’re all thankful just to scrape by with one Diamond Player Card in our teams. Now, they’re a dime a dozen. If you’re new to NBA 2K22, now’s a great time to snag some Diamond Player Cards in the Auction House, as they are now priced at an all time low. For Season 4, these are the new Diamond cards:

  • 94 OVR Diamond Jeff Malone (SG/SF) – Exchange Rewards
  • 94 OVR Diamond Serge Ibaka (PF/C) – Signature Series IV
  • 94 OVR Diamond Robert Reid (SF/PF) – Signature Series IV
  • 93 OVR Diamond Rudy Gobert (C) – Signature Series IV
  • 93 OVR Diamond Andrea Bargnani (C) – Signature Series IV

That’s our list for the start of Season 4 Hunt 4 Glory. Check back here next month for new updates on who are the best NBA 2K22 MyTEAM Player Cards.