Saki Fuwa is one of the upcoming characters arriving in Tower of Fantasy’s Vera Update. She is a very useful Fortitude character who bears the Frost element. Like Frigg, she also has the sought-after Frost resonance, which makes her viability in team comps a lot better.

In this Saki Fuwa Guide, we will be going through an overview of Saki Fuwa’s moves and abilities, her ideal matrices, combat relics, and team compositions. 

Basic Moves and Abilities

Saki Fuwa’s normal moveset is fairly simple, with 5-attack strings which can be performed on the ground or midair. Her hold attack has two versions depending on the stance, or called ‘style’ that she’s in. In the Surging Heart Style, her hold attack can be charged to let her dash forward, spinning and dealing damage to enemies hit. In the Calm Style, she can gain momentum until you release the attack button, which then deals damage to the target. If you get hit while holding the attack, Saki Fuwa blocks damage up to a total of 20% of her max HP.


Saki Fuwa’s skill has two parts: Passives and Actives. The passive portion modifies the stance of Saki Fuwa, which affects some of her moves and the active skill that comes out.


When using Fortitude Resonance, switch to Calm Style, otherwise switch to Surging Heart Style.

Cast the skill to summon a Shadow Sword that follows you. When using Ryusen Toshin’s hold attack or discharge skill, Shadow Sword unleashes [Surge], dealing 450% of Frost ATK as AoE damage to the target. [Surge] has a cooldown of 10 seconds.

Surging Heart Style: When the player uses any weapon to deal damage, the Shadow Sword releases [Flow], dealing 125% of Frost ATK as damage to another target and recovering 57% of the damage as health (each recovery is capped at 100% of ATK), cooldown 0.8 seconds.

Calm Style: After the Shadow Sword unleashes [Surge], gain 3 block charges that last for 10 seconds and block up to 15% of Max HP. Each successful block deals [Counterattack] damage equal to 450% of Frost ATK. Increase [Surge]’s shatter by 100% and grant it a taunting effect.


Surging Heart Style – Glimpse of Ning Quan

Dash in the target direction and briefly immobilize enemies in your way, dealing delayed damage up to 927.7% of ATK + 49, cooldown for 30 seconds.

Calm Style – Gathering Springs

Enter a charging state for up to 3 seconds. While charging, continuously taunt surrounding targets and absorb damage (up to 60% of Max HP). When charging ends, deal Frost damage based on damage absorbed, equal to 850% × Frost Attack + 50% × amount of damage absorbed. 20% of the amount that is not used is converted into health. Cooldown 30 seconds.

The distinction between the two styles means that Saki Fuwa is either a damage dealer or an absolute tank, depending on your team composition. Bringing in another tank into your team means Saki Fuwa can perform tanking more effectively, while bringing in other roles means that Saki Fuwa can perform a damage-dealing role, or a sub-tank if the needs arise.


Heart of Lotus

When weapon charge is full or Phantasia is triggered, clear all debuffs from the user and sprint towards the target and launch a set of combos, dealing a total of 864.5% of ATK + 46 damage.

Saki Fuwa’s Discharge ability isn’t too special, but it can deal a decent amount of damage if she’s built as a DPS. Otherwise, this can incentivize using your weapon charge on a much better discharge ability.

Saki Fuwa Guide: Matrices

Saki Fuwa 4-piece

2-piece Set – While Frost Resonance is active: Every 3 seconds, deal 60%/100%/150%/220% of Frost ATK to enemies within 10 meters and apply one stack of Frost: 5% slowing effect for 3.5 seconds. After 3 stacks, Freeze the target for 3 seconds (excluding bosses) and the target will take 12% more Frost damage for 18 seconds. This effect works in the background, and if multiple sets are used, the highest star set will take effect.

4-piece Set – Attack the target 10 times to add a 12-second Frozen mark, increasing your Frost damage against the target by 25%/28%/31%/34%. This effect works in the background, and if multiple sets are used, the highest star set will take effect.

This SSR relic is an absolute monster for teams that utilize Frost, especially ones with Saki, Frigg, and Tsubaki. However, the 4-piece set has a tough requirement of 10 attacks on a single target, which really only Saki Fuwa can utilize efficiently.

Shiro 2-Piece

Increase both damage and shatter to targets with more than 50% HP by 15%/19%/22.5%/26%.

This set is great for a DPS-type Saki Fuwa, increasing her damage and already phenomenal Shatter rating to even greater amounts. If you have the time to grind for this, it’s going to be a good upgrade for her.

Sobek 3-Piece

Increase damage dealt by 6%/7.5%/9% for each enemy nearby. Up to 3 stacks.

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Franz Christian Irorita ·

This SR relic isn’t exceptional, but it packs a punch on certain domains where enemies are usually abundant. This set is a good starting point if you’re new to the game.

Saki Fuwa Build Guide: Relics


Summon a droid and generate a shield for 5 seconds. The shield disappears after 5 seconds or after being struck once. When it disappears, it knocks back nearby enemies, dealing damage equal to 100% of ATK + 50. If broken within 1 second of being created, the shield will stun enemies for 2 seconds. Cooldown: 30 seconds.

This SR relic is a great choice if you’re going all in into the dedicated tank role, which will make difficult raids a lot safer for your other teammates. This can also be very annoying for your opponents in PvP, since proper countering and blocks can make you incredibly difficult to put down.

Team Compositions for Saki Fuwa

Frost Queens

This comp is a trio between Saki, Meryl, and Coco Ritter. With all of them combined, you have a team with blocks, absorbs, shields, healing, and zoning, while still having respectable damage with the right gear.


Saki Fuwa may not be as hyped as the other upcoming characters in the Vera Update, but she still has her traits that make her a cut above the rest. In the end, she’s the only one so far who wields DUAL katanas, so that’s something to get excited about.

We hope this Saki Fuwa Build Guide helped you in optimizing your build for Tower of Fantasy’s first limited-time event weapon. Will you be spending your Special Orders on her? For more Tower of Fantasy Guides, click here.