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Tracy McGrady learns how not to feed hungry tarpons

NBA legend Tracy McGrady is keeping himself busy after retirement.

T-Mac is currently co-hosting ESPN’s The Jump with Rachel Nichols, he occasionally attends Houston Rockets games during the season, and he continues to run his Tracy McGrady community foundation.

McGrady has aways been a laid back person, until he hits the basketball court. Even then, it was hard for him to escape the perception that he looked lazy or disinterested in what he was doing, because the game seemed to come to him so easily.

In his spare time, he likes to take vacation and relax. Recently, McGrady took some time to visit the Cayman Islands.

He went hunting, sat on a boat in tropical waters, swam with sting rays, and even got a little dangerous.

McGrady was seen taking time out to feed tarpons, and he learned very quickly that you have to be careful handing raw meat to hungry fish.

You can watch Tracy’s hilarious, yet dangerous encounter here:

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