The NFL has a bunch of speedsters that have graced the gridiron during it's long time. In the last few years, we've seen some incredibly fast receivers. Guys like Tyreek Hill and DK Metcalf are widely-renowned for their speed on the field. There have also been other track stars during the NFL combine, such as John Ross and Tyquan Thornton. These guys have made fans wonder if they could go toe-to-toe with Usain

Well, Usain Bolt shot that question down real quick when he tried his hand on the classic 40-yard dash of the NFL. Wearing nothing on his feet, the Jamaican legend recorded a mammoth time of 4.22 in the dash. That easily tied the NFL Combine record for the fastest 40-time, set by John Ross. (via theScore)


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For the record, here are the 40-times by other notable NFL speedsters. Tyreek Hill, known as the “Cheetah”, has a 40-time of 4.29. DK Metcalf isn't far behind with a 4.33 record.

While speed is a good thing for NFL wide receivers, it's not often an indicator of a player's success in the league. There is so much more to receiving than just “WR goes fast.” Route running, double moves, and catching abilities determine a player's ceiling in the league. That explains why Ross, who recorded the fastest 40-time in league history, didn't pan out in the NFL.

Still, there's no reason why any NFL would pass up the opportunity to try and sign Usain Bolt if they can. After all, nothing can beat the sheer speed he possesses on the field. Just give him a competent WR coach, and watch him make magic on the field.