If there is any player in the NBA that knows a thing about the word loyalty, it is Udonis Haslem. Haslem has been faithful to the Miami Heat for his entire career. Udonis Haslem was not drafted when he was coming into the league. He was playing in France until the Heat decided to take a chance on him. Obviously that worked out well for Haslem and the Heat.

Udonis Haslem has always appreciated what the Heat did for him. They changed his career around and Haslem has always returned the favor by showing loyalty and never faltering in effort.

Hassan Whiteside has had a similar start to his career. While he actually was drafted, the Sacramento Kings never really gave him a chance. Whiteside was tossed from team to team in the D-League for a couple years until the Heat took a risk on him. Since then, Hassan Whiteside has been fantastic.

Udonis Haslem tells Hassan Whiteside that he should realize how fortunate he is and that he should still return the favor to the Heat by showing his loyalty as he himself did.

Hassan Whiteside is going to have a very tough decision to make. He has told the media that he wants to make his choice by July 1st, but that might be too soon for a player that has so many options.

We'll see if Whiteside decides to choose the route of loyalty when making his decision. We know that Udonis Haslem believes he should, but we just don't know yet how greatly Whiteside values loyalty.

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