Former NFL player and Denver Broncos third-round pick Brendan Langley went viral recently after he was seen throwing hands with an airport official who tried testing him. It's resulted in Langley being suspended indefinitely by the Calgary Stampeders of the CFL, but UFC legend Chuck Liddell believes he could have a career in the ring.

The Ice Man saw the scuffle on social media and immediately thought Langley had what it takes to potentially make something out fighting

Via TMZ Sports:

“Those fights are doing well,” Liddell said of amateurs, viral video stars and celebs getting in the ring. “Turn him into a fighter. Have him fight somebody!”

We've seen the likes of Jake and Logan Paul, Aaron Carter, Nate Robinson, and other celebs jump in the ring and try their luck at boxing. It's likely Liddell isn't talking about the UFC because that's a lot more complex of a sport. Boxing though could be maybe an option for Langley. Those were some vicious punches.

The NFL is likely out of question for the 27-year-old who was forced to head north to Canada because he couldn't cut it with the Broncos. Maybe he should take the former UFC star's advice and jump in the ring because football isn't happening anytime soon after the incident.