UFC welterweight contender Jorge Masvidal is not buying any of Jake Paul’s claims about making tons of money from his recent fights.

Following his decision win over former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, YouTube star and pro boxer Jake Paul engaged in a war of words with another UFC welterweight Jorge Masvidal.

The pair did quite a great job with its hoopla but according to Masvidal, a fight against Paul is unlikely to happen at this point as he can’t do nothing about his current deal with the UFC.

Moreover, Masvidal claimed that Paul was just “trolling” around, flaunting that he’s generating in sane amount of money from his fights.

For “Gamebred,” he makes more money in the UFC than taking on Paul and therefore the fight isn’t happening anytime soon.

“The UFC utterly does not give a flying f–k about what’s-his-face. So the problem is that I’m signed to the UFC, so I have to do what they say, and they pay me bigger checks,” Masvidal told MMAFighting.com’s The MMA Hour. “This guy [Paul] talks a lot about, ‘I’m going to write you a $50 million check,’ but go look at the pay-per-views that he’s selling. He ain’t writing nobody $50 million checks.”

“Go actually look at the f—–g numbers that they actually sold on Showtime or on Triller or whatever thing he’s talking about,” he continued. “He doesn’t have that money. He’s trolling the whole world saying all these big-money deals. Right now, where I’m at in my career, I’m going to fight the world’s best fighters.”