USC basketball true freshman Isaiah Collier was the number one recruit in his class, and when he and fellow five-star Bronny James joined the Trojans, expectations for the team became sky-high. However, this season has not gone to plan for USC.

With just a couple weeks to go, USC basketball is in 11th place in the Pac-12 as they are 11-16 overall on the season and 5-11 in conference play. Collier was out with an injury for awhile, and the Trojans have been hit with other obstacles as well. The season as a whole has been difficult.

“We’ve been hit with a lot of challenges and adversity so it’s just learning to overcome those challenges and it’s up to us at this point,” Isaiah Collier said, according to an article from Yahoo Sports. “I haven’t really lost like this before so it’s a learning process for me and a learning process for all of us. It’s part of the game and it’s just all about how our team overcomes.”

The injury that Collier suffered was to his left hand, and he didn't play for USC for four weeks. He is back and healthy now.

“I’m back to 100%,” Collier added. “I took rehab real seriously. I definitely credit the staff for helping me through my injury. I just plugged in with film and conditioning as well.”

USC has been playing better since Collier returned, and it's clear that this team would've been much better had they been healthy all year. Now, they are healthy, and they know that anything is possible once the Pac-12 tournament hits.

“We had that bond coming in, me and Bronny, and now the whole team has that bond as far as everyone in the locker room, so it’s been great,” Collier said. “We’re just looking to gel together and make that run.”

The Trojans got a nice win at home against Utah recently and they also just beat UCLA on the road. The Bruins had beaten a shorthanded USC squad by double digits earlier this season. Collier is back, and he wants to show people that he and this team can win games.

“I’m just hoping to show them [NBA scouts] that we can win, that I can win,” Collier said. “It’s just coming back and helping the team the best as I can and be that leader on the floor.”

There are just four games remaining for USC basketball before the Pac-12 tournament begins. We'll see if they can get some momentum going into the postseason.