Steelers video: Antonio Brown says he's still motivated and is waiting by the phone as uncertainty looms
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Video: Steelers’ Antonio Brown says he’s still motivated and is waiting by the phone as uncertainty looms

Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown doesn’t seem affected at all by rumors that he might have played his last game for the Pittsburgh Steelers after team president Art Rooney II said on Thursday that it’s “hard to envision” the wide receiver suiting up for the Steelers next season.

Brown recently went on Instagram live together with former NFL star Chad Johnson and partly expressed his thoughts about the current drama he’s involved, saying that he is still motivated to play football.

However, Brown also suggested that he’s open to the idea of playing somewhere else if Pittsburgh truly wants him out of the team.

Via TMZ Sports:

Does that mean San Francisco, Oakland or even Miami are all possibilities? Perhaps … all A.B.’s sayin’, for now, is he’s willing to listen to anybody that wants him.

“Stay by the phone. My phone line’s open.”

It’s one thing to have the desire to trade Brown away and it’s another to actually find a clear logistical solution to do it without hurting Pittsburgh’s pockets. For one, Brown is worth over $21 million in dead money in the 2019 season and over $14 million in 2020. Brown signed a four-year deal worth $68 million with the Steelers in 2017, though, he has a potential out in 2021 that will come with a dead money amount of $7.04 million.

Brown finished the 2018 NFL season with 1,297 receiving yards and 15 touchdowns on 104 receptions.