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Video: Steven Adams and Andre Roberson rock out to Backstreet Boys

The Thunder‘s Steven Adams and Andre Roberson have been traveling all around New Zealand doing good for the country. While they have been helping shy kids in need or visiting the prime minister they have still found time to have some fun. The video below shows Adams and Roberson flexing an unknown talent of theirs, their singing ability. It is hard to blame the two, nobody can resist the greatness of “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys.

After this performance the Backstreet Boys should consider getting back together but with one big change, add Adams to the group. Adams really gets into the song and even shows off some of his dance moves, guess he has been learning from Russell Westbrook and Cameron Payne in their pregame routine.

It is great to see Adams and Roberson not only giving back to a community that does not see NBA players much, but also having fun while doing it. The Thunder are learning more and more everyday how important having good teammates is and bonding experiences like this one cannot be beat.

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