Warriors news: Bob Myers credits Steph Curry's presence for swaying Kevin Durant
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Warriors news: Bob Myers credits Steph Curry’s presence for swaying Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry

Last summer, the Golden State Warriors were able to make the huge splash with the acquisition of All-Star Kevin Durant through NBA free agency.

One of the critical parts was the team’s meeting with Durant that featured management and a few of their core group of players led by Stephen Curry, Andre Iguodala, Draymond Green, and head coach Steve Kerr.

During a recent interview with KNBR, general Bob Myers voiced that he believes Curry’s presence in the meeting helped them land the former league MVP.

I think personally I would try to understand it. I wouldn’t come at them in a harsh way, I would try to understand what they thought it might accomplish. People always ask me what we said to Kevin (Durant) in the Hamptons. It wasn’t what anyone said in that four-hour period. It was Steph Curry building a foundation, being selfless enough to go. It was Andre Iguodala, who knew we were going after a guy who played his position. It was Draymond Green, it was Steve Kerr, it was all the things that those guys had done that put us in a position to be in a place where Kevin Durant said, “I wanna meet with that team.” There’s no magic words in life. If one hour without any foundation sways someone, that’s a Pyrrhic victory, anyway. But because of the foundation they built individually and as an organization, you get to a place where things happen for you like that. But it’s all the building blocks.

The fact that Curry was willing to step aside and allow Durant to feel comfortable from the get go was a huge part of the process. Keep in mind, he was coming off back-to-back MVP awards and had become the face of the franchise while leading them to two straight NBA Finals appearances.

This was a selfless act for Curry to go this route during the meeting that may have led Durant to believe he can be a part of their culture and foundation moving forward. It is often the case that a player in his place would not budge from that position even while pitching to another superstar to join the fray.

Instead, Curry checked his ego at the door and made Durant feel like he could be a part of what they had developed. This has worked out tremendously in their first season as they cruised to an NBA title losing just one game along the way. This has set the table for them to potentially had a few more over the next several seasons.