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Cavs player believes ‘we’d be up 3-0’ in NBA Finals if Kyrie Irving ‘was still here’

Warriors, Cavaliers

An anonymous Cleveland Cavaliers player believes their fate in the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors would be much different if Kyrie Irving there with them.

According to Jason Lloyd of The Athletic, the player thinks the series score would be the same, except in their favor.

“We’d be up 3-0 if Kyrie was still here. I have no doubt. Do you?,” the player told Lloyd.

This sentiment has been expressed by several Cavs players throughout the course of the regular season and the playoffs, with another anonymous player calling Boston Celtics president Danny Ainge a “f***ing thief” after pulling off a trade for Irving in the summer.

This quote encapsulates what this season has been for LeBron James and the Cavaliers almost perfectly, as one man has been burdened with carrying the team for the entire season, while the rest lament at what could have been instead of making the most of their present opportunities.

“The frustrating part within the locker room is the belief by a number of Cavs players that the Warriors are vulnerable,” wrote Lloyd. “Whether it was the absence of Andre Iguodala or the contentment of winning a championship last year, something seems different about this Golden State team.”

The Cavs have had their share of opportunities throughout the series, but they have proved unable to hit open shots of provide the necessary support to James over the course of a series, even squandering a golden put-back chance before the end of regulation in Game 1.

It looks like the what ifs will live on Believeland for the near future, as they approach their approximating demise in these NBA Finals and the impending offseason.