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David West thinks every big man should develop a jump hook

David West

One of the positives that came with playing an undermanned San Antonio Spurs team is that the Golden State Warriors were able to get their bench guys some additional minutes. Among the recipients were power forward David West and young big man Kevon Looney.

West praised Looney for his development thus far in the 2017-18 NBA season. However, he insisted that all young bigs should develop a jump hook to add to their offensive repertoire, according to Anthony Slater of The Athletic:

“Loon [Kevon Looney] is a baby. He is so young, he’s got a great basketball mind and he’s a humble kid. I just talked to him about having an impact. He’s got great instincts, great hands. I want him to get a jump hook. It’s kind of old school but I feel like every young big guy should have a jump hook.”

While West’s suggestions are indeed a bit old school, they certainly carry plenty of truth. In today’s fast-paced NBA game, post moves such as the jump hook have become seldom used by the next generation of big men.

That said, it seems to be something the veteran has tried to preach to some of his more youthful teammates. They would be wise to take heed of his advice considering it has helped West enjoy a long and prosperous career in the NBA. Although using the jump hook as a primary move has become a thing of the past, it can still be done by some of the most promising young bigs in the league today such as Los Angeles Lakers power forward Kyle Kuzma and Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid.