Draymond Green got himself in a little bit of trouble again after he told a courtside fan to “shut up” during Tuesday's matchup against the Dallas Mavericks. The Golden State Warriors ended up losing that game, 116-113, and for his part, Green came away $25,000 poorer after he was slapped with a fine for his fan altercation.

For starters, here's the exchange Green had with a Mavs fan that was sitting courtside:

The fan who Green yelled at has now come forward. His name is Alykhan Rehmatullah, and he happens to be a tech executive with some clearly deep pockets. So much so, that he decided to match Green's $25,000 fine by making a charitable donation on the Warriors star's behalf:

It is unclear exactly what Rehmatullah said to Green that made the four-time NBA champ react in the way that he did. However, you can see in the video that the fan had a big smile on his face as soon as he heard Draymond clap back at him. As he said, he was just having some fun with the Warriors star, and he didn't expect that this would lead to such a huge fuss.

Then again, rules are rules. NBA players are not allowed to engage with fans by using unsavory language, which is why the league slapped Draymond Green with another hefty fine. Kudos to Rehmatullah here for reaching out to Green and taking responsibility for his role in the altercation. You also have to credit the man for “reimbursing” Green for his troubles.