Christian Wood, who just returned from injury for the Houston Rockets, put Draymond Green on skates with a filthy crossover move against the Golden State Warriors in Wednesday's game. 

In a game with not a ton of highlights for the Rockets, Wood pumped fake on the three-point line, stepped forward, and sent Green falling along with a couple of dribbles. The bonus part about the play was Wood made the two-point shoot, just a couple of inches in front of the three-point line. 

Moreover, Green showed good sportsmanship as he took it nicely and was seen smiling when he ran back on offense. Both Wood and Green’s teams have had a tough stretch so far this season. The Rockets, who lost Wood because of a sprained ankle haven’t won in 18 games. This is officially their worst losing record in franchise history. As for the Warriors, the team has been up and down but have lost two of their past four games. 

It’s been a subpar season so far for Green, who is only averaging 5.9 points, 6.1 rebounds, and eight assists per game. The Warriors’ most impressive game so far after the All-Star break was versus the Jazz, who they defeated last March 14, with a score of 131-119. 

As per the Rockets, having Wood back could help them get out of this losing slump. Prior to the injury, Wood was averaging 22 points, 10 rebounds, and one assist per game and was also in the conversation for Most Improved Player of the year candidate early this season.