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Kevin Durant, David West have no regrets about not attending White House

David West, Kevin Durant

The Golden State Warriors aren’t sweating being singled out as the only team not to make a visit to the White House after winning a championship in 2017.

Kevin Durant was asked if he had any regrets following the team’s decision to visit the African-American museum in Washington D.C. instead of the customary visit to the White House.

“No, not at all,” said Durant with unequivocal belief.

His fellow teammate, veteran David West, was asked the same question, answering it with a concise “no” and leaving right thereafter.

Warriors’ captain Stephen Curry told reporters in September that if the decision was solely up to him, he would opt not to go due to his disapproval of the current administration of President Donald Trump, a response that was met with a tweet from Trump uninviting the team from a potential visit.

While options like meeting with former President Barack Obama were discusses as an option, both parties opted not to open a potential political lean can of worms, instead choosing to take 40 kids from Durant’s hometown of St. Pleasant Maryland to the museum and spend the day with them, learning about a part of history.

Head coach Steve Kerr described the museum as a progressive tour, starting from the slave ships in an era of despair and hopelessness to an eventual vision of freedom and equality as the tour concludes — something that brings a much different perspective than walking the halls of a place former presidents have called home during their stint in office.