When they were teammates on the Oklahoma City Thunder, Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant says he wanted to set a good example for Houston Rockets guard James Harden.

Harden recently said he admired watching Durant's work ethic in OKC. The Warriors superstar revealed on Friday both players taught each other things during their time with the Thunder:


Durant, Harden and Russell Westbrook have all won an MVP award. It's still crazy to think the three superstars were teammates at one point.

Durant and Harden have both established themselves as elite scorers. Harden has led the NBA in scoring the past two seasons, while Durant is a four-time scoring champion. The Warriors and Rockets have a nice rivalry going right now and it's fun to see Durant and Harden going at it, even if they are not defending each other.

Through the first two games of the second series between the Rockets and Warriors, Durant is averaging 32.0 points. The Warriors are up 2-0. Harden, meanwhile, is putting up 32.0 points as well. However, he's shooting only 38.3 percent from the field. Durant is shooting 42.6 percent overall.

Harden is trying to get what Durant already has: An NBA championship. Durant has won two rings since he joined the Warriors back in 2016.