Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson is trying to remain positive after his team took a crushing loss from LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers knocked off the Warriors in double overtime on Saturday, 145-144.

“I'm gonna continue to be optimistic… No need to get discouraged with plenty of basketball left,” Thompson said after the loss.

Thompson had another solid game against the Lakers, pouring in 24 points. He had to shoot a lot to get those points, going 9-for-24 from the field. Thompson also made six threes, but needed 17 attempts to do that. Thompson finished the game playing 47 minutes; he also had four rebounds and four assists.

The Warriors are in need of some soul-searching, falling to 19-24 on the season following the defeat. The team has lost two games in a row by a point, to the Lakers and the Sacramento Kings. The team has now dropped four of their last five games, and Warriors guard Stephen Curry admits he's frustrated with how games are being officiated for the team. Curry even ripped his jersey in disgust following the Lakers game.

Thompson is going to have to help carry a heavy load to lead the team back to victory. He's averaging nearly 18 points a game, good for second on the team behind Curry. He's also playing the second most minutes for the club, again behind Curry.

Despite the struggles, Thompson is right about one thing. There's a lot of basketball left. The Warriors next play the Philadelphia 76ers Tuesday at 10:00 Eastern. If the team is going to get it together, the victories have to start now.