Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green is made for TV. He proved that once again on Monday when he talked about Stephen Curry's “butt shield pad” during the 2020-21 season.

As he made his return to NBA on TNT to be an analyst, Green found himself talking about Curry's busted ass after Joel Embiid's awkward fall in Game 4 against the Philadelphia 76ers.

Embiid landed on his tailbone in the first quarter of the contest and was eventually ruled out for the rest of the evening. The moment was reminiscent of Curry's slip last March, during which he fell butt first onto a metal staircase in Houston, leading to a five-game absence.

It was later on revealed that the Warriors star suffered a hairline fracture on his tailbone, which was apparently why the team got a butt pad made for him to protect it and avoid further harming it given Curry's style of play.

Now, on his commentary, Green got extra creative in describing Steph's butt pad. He even used hand gestures to perfectly describe it in a hilarious TV moment.

“He had a hairline fracture, so he missed a bunch of time, and then they created this, like, butt shield pad,” Green said while hilariously tracing the shape of the butt pad, via NBC Sports.

“Oh, it's crazy.”

If he hasn't seen this part yet, Stephen Curry will surely have a good laugh watching his Warriors teammate. Maybe Steph should send Dray some photos of his butt pad so he can describe it better next time.

Jokes aside, it is certainly great to see Draymond Green on TV commentating about the playoffs. After all, the Warriors forward is not afraid or shy to say things–no matter how awkward or hilarious it may be.