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Warriors’ Stephen Curry gives his scouting report on LeBron James, Lakers

Stephen Curry, Warriors, LeBron James, Lakers

Following another preseason defeat at the hands of the Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry has given his honest take on the new-look Lakers side.

According to Curry, he has been quite impressed by what L.A. has exhibited thus far, as he expects them to be a far more formidable side this term:

“I mean they’re tough,” admitted Curry, via Sam Amick of The Athletic. “You start with LeBron and AD. Those are two guys who demand your attention every possession, and I think they showed (on Wednesday night) a little bit how they can work in tandem, putting pressure on that three or four spot, with either JaVale (McGee) or Dwight (Howard) leading up, and LeBron having two lob threats. And they’ve got some shooting around them, perimeter defense. They’re good. It’s going to take a lot to beat them. You can tell when a team truly believes that a team is good, but they still have to go out and prove it. They have that vibe over there, like they know that they’re talented but I think there’s an edge to them.”

When asked to share his thoughts on the type of mentality Lakers superstar LeBron James will possess entering the new campaign, Curry provided a refreshingly honest response:

“There’s no reason why they shouldn’t be successful, whether it’s winning the championship or whatever it is,” he said. “But in terms of (pauses)… You don’t get to – and I would put myself in that category – but you don’t get to be a guy like LeBron and need any extra type of (motivation at this stage). Like, I’m sure he came in last year with the same optimism, motivation and edge. This year there’s just a little more hoopla around the team because of who they have on the squad. And like I said, the five months of waiting to get back out on the floor when you’re used to playing in June vs. coming out in April and having this amount of time to get ready, I mean there’s probably going to be a different look in your eye, in that respect. But we all love the game and there’s a sense of urgency (later in your career) for sure.”

This is a great perspective from a player who himself has gone through the toughest of wars over the past five years. Curry understands the situation LeBron is in right now, and he believes the Lakers will indeed be a force to be reckoned with this season.