Through nine seasons playing together with the Warriors, both Draymond Green and Stephen Curry have possessed a great feel for one another. With the terrific court vision Green displays, he tends to understand where Curry likes the ball and where he is comfortable scoring. Tonight’s matchup against the Dallas Mavericks is a perfect example of that. Curry tends to show his appreciation for Green’s passing ability.

With two and a half minutes remaining in the second quarter, Green is at the top of the key scanning the floor. As the rest of the Warriors are trying to get into position, Green finds Curry squeezing between two Mavericks’ players, and gets him the ball for an easy lay-in.

The pass by Green seemed to impress Curry after the play. The two looked at one another in a playful mode and make fake goggles with their hands to demonstrate Green’s vision. The pass even tended to impress former NBA star Chris Webber as he was commentating the game.

Through one half of basketball, the game was a shootout. Both Golden State and Dallas shot the ball exceptionally well as the score was tied at 76 going into the break. Stephen Curry finished the first half with 20 points while Green finished seven points and six assists.

The Golden State Warriors came into this game looking to get on the right track after a disappointing loss to the Boston Celtics Tuesday night. With the first half that Curry had, he has shown to set the tone in a tremendous fashion. As Dallas still tries to find a rhythm of their own, Golden State looks to take advantage.