There were a number of moments that had both Dallas and Golden State up in arms during the crucial Mavs-Warriors clash on Wednesday night. None stood out more than the 5-on-0 power play the Warriors were able to convert on late in the third quarter.

Coming off a Mavs timeout, the Warriors were given the ball to inbound from their own baseline. With no defenders in sight, Kevon Looney finished off what was without a doubt the easiest basket of his career.

It stung all the more given the 127-125 final score, with those two precious points representing what ultimately became Golden State's margin of victory. Mark Cuban and the Mavs are reportedly planning to file a protest with the NBA.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr had a more lighthearted response when asked about the bizarre sequence after the game.

“Number one, it was my best ATO of the year,” joked Steve Kerr. “It worked brilliantly. Just the way we got organized and confused them.”


“I had to stop when I saw them at the other end and think, ‘Isn't this our basket?' … I thought it was pretty clear that it was our ball and that's why I was drawing up a play out of bounds on the baseline. They all lined up at the other end. I guess they assumed it was their ball,” the Warriors coach continued.

Not even Red Auerbach or Gregg Popovich could have drawn up a play that would have resulted in a better shot. It's definitely something to keep in the team's back pocket for the playoffs.

The Mavs clearly weren't as amused by the peculiar play given that it could have serious ramifications on the Western Conference standings. The result dropped the Mavs to a tie with the Lakers for the final two play-in slots, now one and a half games behind the Warriors for sixth.