Warriors news: Steve Kerr recalls the one time he got a death threat
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Steve Kerr recalls the one time he got a death threat

Steve Kerr

The life of an NBA player can be put in a nutshell at least according to what we see on television.

Come to a game, play ball for four quarters, do post-game interviews, then go home.

For us fans, watching the games can be highly entertaining and the ultimate enjoyment of competition where both sides get to fight another day regardless of the outcome.

The average span of a player’s career is around 4.8 years at about $24.7 million according to Business Insider, so they make the most of what they can and fans join along. When games end and careers are over, players have families and friends and life to enjoy.

Fans, on the other hand, can be understanding but some are just flat out brutal. We’ve all heard of horror stories on how fanaticism out of control can be dangerous.

Recently, Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook had two run-ins with fans while entering the tunnel during a playoff game which caused security to scramble between the two.

Houston Rockets guard James Harden also slapped a fan’s camera for yelling insults while recording him coming out of the tunnel and another instance walking back into the tunnel where a fan got directly in his face.

Those are minor in comparison to some other incidents such as the Malice at the Palace, and some fans even issue death threats such as those given to Draymond Green over games and other on court-related matters.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr recalls receiving death threats as the Phoenix Suns general manager and recounts the story as these incidents seem to become more frequent.

In the end, the fans will lose this battle, at least in the arena. The league will be forced to take more drastic measures such as monitoring and banning fans, having them escorted out or arrested, or even cut off the access fans have to players as they enter and leave arenas.

For now, it is not a widespread problem and athletes deal with heckling fans and those shouting insults accordingly.

It would be wise for fans to remember to appreciate the access given to them where they’re able to get autographs, memorabilia, and even a simple fist pound from their favorite teams.