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Western Conference star: Kyrie Irving is ready to ‘spread his wings’

Brian Windhorst from ESPN threw a huge bomb on the NBA landscape on Friday. Per his report, Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving requested a trade. Apparently, he is not okay with playing second fiddle to superstar LeBron James, and wants a bigger role.

Even with all the turmoil in the Cavaliers front office, Irving’s decision surprised everyone. This not only means that Irving might be gone, but also means James might leave in free agency next summer. The implications of these moves are massive, so it is not surprising that some Western Conference star wanted to give his take on the situation.

Per Alex Kennedy from HoopsHype, an anonymous star from the West decided to share his thoughts on Kyrie’s move.

Now, while the star remained anonymous, there was a lot of speculation on Twitter. Two names, however, appear more than others — Draymond Green and Kevin Durant.

Green is an obvious candidate. He is known to hate Cleveland and the Cavs as a franchise, and the sentence even sounds like something Green would say.

However, Durant is also an option. The statement was worded like no one should blame Irving for wanting to leave, that it’s not surprising. Durant made a controversial move to the Golden State Warriors last summer and he is an advocate for players not being criticized for deciding to leave.

While there is almost no chance it will be revealed who said this, speculating about who said it is still fun. One thing seems to be widely accepted, and that is that the quote is from a Dubs player. That also might be wrong, but it makes the most sense, due to the rivalry between the franchises.