Dion Waiters called it immediately.

While most of the basketball world raised their fists to the sky with outrage after an offensive foul wasn't called on Waiters for throwing an elbow at Manu Ginobili while inbounding the ball in the final moments of Game 2, a few others took a closer look at the action.

It's impossible to tell for sure if Ginobili's arms are extended across the plane of the boundary as Waiters attempts to inbound the ball (although it appears that he did), video evidence does show that his foot was clearly on the sideline in front of Dion.

According to “Section II- Delay-of-Game” in the NBA rulebook, this should be cited as a delay-of-game call. That is, except for the final two minutes of the game. From the rulebook:

In the last two minutes of the fourth period and/or any overtime period, a technical foul will be assessed if the defender crosses or breaks the plane of the boundary line prior to the ball being released on a throw-in.

So, instead of Spurs fans being upset, it would've been Thunder fans calling out the officials had San Antonio converted in the final moments to win the game.

This won't silence San Antonio supporters, especially after the lead referee stated that he and his crew missed an offensive foul call on Waiters for the elbow he threw at Ginobili.