Back to Hogwarts Day offered a couple of cool stuff for Hogwarts Legacy players to earn this early long before the game's release.

September 1 is Back to Hogwarts Day, and Harry Potter fans would remember that there's a whole new world of Harry Potter content outside of the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy game. However, fans of the game will still be able to earn cool freebies in Hogwarts Legacy this early, months before the game's release in Q1 2023.

The Hogwarts Legacy Featurette for Back to Hogwarts 2022 showcased what Hogwarts' different common areas look like. There are also locations outside of Hogwarts itself, like the Forbidden Forest and Hogsmeade village for players to explore. Even some of the Wizarding Worlds rides will be recreated in the game for fans to discover and explore, this time off-the-rails.

Finally, Hogwarts Legacy will be collaborating with the Harry Potter Fan Club to really reward long-time fans of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Players will be able to link their Harry Potter Fan Club account with their Warner Bros. Games account so that they can import their house and wand into the game, allowing you to carry over your sorting experience and wand ceremony from the Fan Club account to the game, giving you less reason to worry about getting sorted into the wrong house. Linking accounts will also give players the ability to redeem a Beaked Skull Mask and an exclusive “House Fan-Atic School Robes” in the game, a special set of robes that players can flaunt to showcase their love for the Wizarding World.

The game is set to come out on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC early next year on February 10, 2023. A Nintendo Switch version is also in the works, but it currently has no set release date.