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Who will be the steal of Round 4 in the 2020 NFL Draft?

NFL Draft

The NFL Draft always has a lot of surprises. That includes teams reaching to take someone earlier than expected, as well as players falling much further than expected.

Perhaps the most interesting part comes after the draft though. When the season is over and you get to start determining who the biggest steals and busts of the draft are.

With that in mind, who will be the biggest steal of each round of the 2020 NFL Draft? Let’s take a look at Round 4 for now.

Admittedly, this is very tough to judge because we don’t know who is going where. Therefore, a player expected to go much earlier could fall to the fourth, or a team might reach for a player expected to land in the later rounds.

Due to that, we’re going to be going off players that are expected to fall somewhere around the fourth round.

And if that’s how we’re going to be looking at this, there’s one player that stands out above the rest.

Thaddeus Moss has had a very strange ride during draft comparisons. People seem unsure how they want to grade him as a prospect. It’s pretty obvious why too.

Moss is the son of legendary NFL wide receiver Randy Moss. That created a lot of hype around him. However, it also made people not want to overrate him simply because of his name.

This has actually led to him being underrated by quite a few people.

Moss has a ton of potential at tight end though. He’s still just 21 and has a great frame for the position (6’3″, 249 lbs).

Moss has fantastic speed and athleticism for his size and position. Good hands and leaping ability will lead to him literally Mossing quite a few people.

One of his few weaknesses might be his average route running. His father is potentially the greatest wide receiver of all-time though and a legendary route runner. So I’m guessing he can get some help there.

Moss will be available around the fourth round. And the team that gets him there will be getting a young tight end with all the physical tools to be great. He also comes from football blood and put up solid numbers last season.

He racked up 47 receptions (10 amongst NCAA tight ends) for 570 yards (13th) and four touchdowns (tied for 28th) in 2019. He did that despite being far from the first option in a loaded LSU offense. That’s really impressive.

Moss can be great. Don’t let the fear of overrating him because of his father’s greatness cloud your judgment. The tight end is a physical specimen with all the tools to be special. He’ll be a serious steal in the middle rounds.