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Why Brook Lopez will replicate his success from last season with the Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks had quite a busy offseason themselves, but unlike the myriad of new signings that characterized the summer of some other contending teams, Milwaukee’s point of focus was to maintain the status quo. They had a tremendous 2018-19 campaign, and it was tantamount that they carry over this success to what should be an even more challenging 2019-20 season.

One of the most important moves the Bucks made in the offseason was the re-signing of veteran big man Brook Lopez on a four-year, $52 million deal, as the former All-Star was pivotal in Milwaukee’s success last term. Entering his second season with the Bucks, more of the same is expected from the 7-foot big man, and at this point, it appears that Lopez should be able to deliver yet again for his team this season.

The biggest surprise for Lopez last term was undoubtedly his much-improved acumen from the three-point line. He knocked down a career-high 2.3 three-pointers on 6.3 attempts, which translates to an efficient 36.5-percent clip. The former 10th overall pick has successfully evolved himself into a three-points marksman over the past three years, and his success from beyond the arc last season was absolutely crucial for the Bucks.

On the defensive end, Lopez also logged a career-high 2.2 blocks per contest, not only making him an effective rim protector, but more importantly, establishing himself as a tremendous two-way asset for a Milwaukee side that had a deep playoff run.

The best part about Lopez is that his game does not rest on his athleticism. He will be turning 32 this season, and despite the fact that Father Time is catching up him, this matter should not present itself as a major issue for Lopez moving forward. He should still be able to stretch the floor for the Bucks this season and serve as a defensive anchor in the middle.

Lopez has pretty much hit his ceiling for the Bucks, but the good news is that his floor is not going to be that far off. This being the case, the former Stanford standout should be able to replicate the level of success he achieved last season, and in the process, help Milwaukee go on another run for the NBA title.