LaVar Ball is the father of three talented basketball players, Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo. Two were drafted in the top three of their respective classes, the other went undrafted (LiAngelo) but is now trying to make it with the Hornets. It is Lavar’s dream to not just have all of his kids in the NBA, but he wants them all to have the opportunity to share a court together on the same team. Not as rivals on the court, but as teammates, just like they did years ago back at Chino Hills. However, that was in high school where money was not involved and it was a lot easier to make something like that materialize.

This summer would have been the best chance for the outcome that LaVar Ball desired. Lonzo was a restricted free agent and Charlotte had the chance to pitch him an offer that might have piqued his interest. Unfortunately, the Chicago Bulls swooped in and ruined all of that. Lonzo is set to be a Bull at the start of next season, while LiAngelo has the opportunity to crack the Hornets roster. Charlotte would have been the ideal landing spot for all three, but it seems like Lonzo was not a real priority in free agency for Charlotte. Lavar’s dream does not seem to be coming any closer together and we are not sure how long we might have to wait for it to become reality, if it ever does.

The piece that is still in question is LiAngelo. A lot of critics do not expect LiAngelo to make it in the NBA, but his debut in the summer league looked great and it just so happened that he landed with the Hornets. LaMelo Ball is the franchise player in Charlotte and adding LiAngelo will be a nice addition for them if he is able to crack the roster. That would be a fun storyline to follow throughout the course of the season and fans of the family would love to see that happen. And so would LaVar Ball.

However, adding Lonzo to that mix would’ve amplified the attention on Charlotte even more. With Lonzo locked in with Chicago for another four years, we won’t be able to discuss the ultimate showtime basketball we were robbed of. Lonzo and LaMelo are both gifted playmakers, so watching the two of them share a backcourt sounds like it would have been one of the best shows to watch in the NBA. Both are also pass-first players and throwing LiAngelo into the mix would’ve made for a potent looking offense.

Unfortunately, we have to put those dreams on hold for a while. At least for the next four years while Lonzo plays out that contract in the Windy City. Of course, the Hornets could always attempt to trade for Lonzo, but that does not seem very likely at this point. Terry Rozier had the best season of his career in 2020-21 and is not likely to be moved unless they receive an offer they can’t refuse. Lonzo is probably a better defensive player than Rozier, but it is too difficult to replace his offensive output. He was the go-to scorer for the Hornets and Lonzo does not fill that role. He is a playmaker first and a scorer second, just like his brother LaMelo.

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There is not another real trade scenario that works in favor of both of the teams other than Rozier. It would not make sense for Chicago to consider any other player within a potential deal unless it was LaMelo of course and there is no way in hell Charlotte would do that. So maybe the dream will have be to put on hold and brought back up in four years. Or not.

The market will be different, team needs will change, and there is no telling if Charlotte will be able to resign LaMelo. If the three of them are serious about playing with one another, maybe they take off to a franchise that is able to pay them what they want. Or maybe LaMelo and LiAngelo stay in Charlotte for the foreseeable future, and Lonzo does not want to play in Buzz city. There are several different scenarios that can happen in the next four years, so many that we can not put a cap on it. It seems like the dream for LaVar Ball is in danger, unless he can get them to play in a new league he will create. That is not likely, but a man can dream.

Lavar Ball did say if you get the three of them on a team together, it will equal a championship. Maybe other teams will follow Lavar’s blueprint.