Andy Murray lost a heartbreaker at Wimbledon on Friday, as the two-time champion at the All-England Club was bested by world no. 5 Stefanos Tsitsipas in five hard-fought sets. But the match was not without controversy. Play between Murray and Tsitsipas was halted 21 minutes before the Merton Council curfew of 11 PM, to the chagrin of the British star.

Murray was asked after the loss if it changed things having to start and stop the match. He gave an honest answer, per The Tennis Letter on Twitter.

“I mean, it does change. It's different playing indoors/outdoors it's not the same conditions. You never know what would've happened. The same result could've happened. We knew we'd only be playing til curfew.”

Murray felt there was a change, noting that Centre Court at Wimbledon plays different when the roof is up, as it was on Thursday evening, versus when the match is being played outdoors, as it was on Friday.

While that may read like sour grapes to some, Murray did acknowledge that the same result- a loss to Tsitsipas- could have happened anyway.

But Murray has a right to feel the way he does. There were two Wimbledon matches, one a five-setter, played before the Murray-Tsitispas clash.

As a result, the British tennis star's match began later than anticipated.

Whether or not things would have been different matters not now, though. Now, Murray has his future to think about. At 36 years old with a history of nagging hip injuries, Murray acknowledged the possibility of retirement after the match.

He said he doesn't “plan to stop right now.” However, one wonders if that can change after yet another early loss at Wimbledon, perhaps Murray's most realistic chance at another Grand Slam title.