Wizards news: Dwight Howard wants to change people's perception of him
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Wizards center Dwight Howard wants to change people’s perception of him

Dwight Howard

As one of the most experienced players in the league, Dwight Howard is expected to be the wise old man his teammates should be looking up to. But to say that Howard is a locker room model is akin to saying that Shawn Kemp is an expert in the field of family planning.

The chiseled big man has, through the years, garnered the reputation of being a petulant figure, who continues to be perceived by his peers, coaches, and several from the media as a child trapped in a muscular 7-foot-, 260-pound frame. It’s not too late for Howard to change his ways, however, and it’s something that he seems to be looking forward to doing in Washington Wizards uniform, according to NBC Sports Washington’s Chris Miller during a recent Wizards Tipoff podcast (h/t Michaela Johnson of NBC Sports).

Dwight has worn out his welcome in the last four places he’s been: Houston, LA, Charlotte and Atlanta, his hometown. From what I’ve been told by a source, he wants to change the narrative on him, what people perceive of him…. I’m excited about him. I went from being “okay” to being excited about him. Because from what I heard, he’s trying to change the image of him coming into a team and wearing out his welcome.

The story of Howard wanting to overhaul his image is a story we’ve all been repeatedly told before. Until Howard lives up to his word, it’s hard to get sold on any of his promises to become a better man.

Still, the Wizards are counting on Howard to be the answer to their persistent woes in the middle. Howard, who was bought out by the Brooklyn Nets before agreeing to a one-year deal with the Wizards, averaged a double-double of 16.6 points, 13.5 rebounds, and 1.6 blocks per game last season for the Charlotte Hornets.