Celtics news: Marcus Morris defends twin Markieff on 1-game suspension
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Marcus Morris defends twin Markieff on 1-game suspension

marcus morris

A scuffle that broke out between guard Bradley Beal and Draymond Green Friday night directly in front of the Washington Wizards bench resulting in hefty fines for the two players, but they weren’t the only ones who got penalized.

Forward Kelly Oubre Jr. joined the altercation, threw punches, and received a fine rather than a suspension, fortunately for him. And then there was Markieff Morris.

Morris, who was not involved in the incident, was the only player to be served a one-game suspension for violating the league’s policy of not staying in the bench area during an in-game altercation. He is due to serve the suspension as soon as he is cleared to play after offseason surgery.

Boston Celtics forward Marcus Morris, Markieff’s twin, spoke out Monday to defend his brother. The Celtics big man said that he understands why his brother left the bench, per Jay King of MassLive.com.

marcus morris

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“It’s an instinct type of thing. Being from North Philly, I would have done the same thing.”

If the twins are loyal to their teammates, the action only makes more sense given that Markieff Morris and Bradley Beal have already developed a tight bond.

“Him and Bradley are really close. And that’s how I feel with this team. I just can’t see nobody take one of my guys to the ground and don’t do anything. You know what I mean? Like, I know it was bad that he got suspended. But it happens, you know? I probably would have done the same thing.”

Marcus and Markieff Morris are not short of troubles both on and off the court, and while the Celtics forward offers no apologies, He also feels the league will keep an eye on him as well, either by gut feeling or just some wild conspiracy theory.

“Now, I don’t know, because I know they’re going to be looking for me to do something. So my first thought, maybe I might think twice, but I just can’t see nobody taking somebody on my team to the ground and just watching.”

While there were no apologies given, there are also no excuses to justify violating league rules in the eyes of the NBA.