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Mia Khalifa switching sides after Russell Westbrook-John Wall trade

Wizards, Mia Khalifa, Russell Westbrook, John Wall

Internet sensation Mia Khalifa has long been a huge John Wall fan. This is exactly why she was one of the myriad of people who was shocked to hear that the Washington Wizards had just traded away their now-former cornerstone superstar to the Houston Rockets in exchange for Russell Westbrook. For her part, Khalifa admitted that she now has no choice but to switch loyalties.

Khalifa took to Twitter to share her surprise upon learning that Westbrook is now officially a Wizard:

As it turns out, Khalifa’s loyalty lies with Wall, and not with the team. As such, she officially announced that she had decided to jump on the Houston Rockets bandwagon:

The former pornographic artist turned media personality does not appear to be fully committed to her new team just yet. I guess this will need a bit of getting used to, especially considering how Wall has been with the Wizards for his entire nine-year NBA career. Much like for most of us, this new development probably won’t sink in until we actually see Wall take the court in a Rockets uniform, and Westbrook for the Wizards.

Admittedly, however, this trade did not come as a complete shock. For his part, Wall made his desire to leave D.C. known by demanding for a trade. As a matter of fact, the Wall-for-Westbrook deal was already on the table a couple of weeks ago, only for the trade to be called off eventually. As it turns out, though, all parties involved really wanted the deal to happen, and true enough, they made sure that it did.