Wizards news: Kelly Oubre Jr.'s unique use of accessory got the thumbs down from the NBA in the middle of a game
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Video: Kelly Oubre wears shooting sleeve on his leg

kelly oubre jr

Washington Wizards forward Kelly Oubre Jr. likes to dabble in the fashion. Sometimes it’s out of line (see: his NSFW coat) and other times it’s outside-the-box brilliant.

On Tuesday, it was the latter, as he was spotted wearing a shooting sleeve on his leg against the Brooklyn Nets. It wasn’t just any ordinary sleeve, though; it was a Supreme shooting sleeve, complete with conspicuous branding.

Kelly Oubre is wearing a Supreme shooting sleeve on his right leg. 🤣 (h/t @br_kicks)

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It was quite the move for Kelly Oubre Jr. to debut his new look in Brooklyn. But apparently, the league did not approve of it, which was why he did not finish the game wearing the said sleeve.

“I got it yesterday, man, at my favorite store,” Oubre said to SLAM. “I didn’t know the League wasn’t going to accept them because they had the NBA logo on them and the Nike logo, so I thought it was going to be verified or whatever. Obviously, they didn’t accept them.”

“It was just something I wanted to try. Because I didn’t know if they were going to allow it or not. I tried it, they didn’t allow it, so it’s on to the next one – Wave Papi do wavy things.”

One has to feel for the Wizards swingman, because if it did have the NBA logo — it was actually an NBA x Supreme collaboration — and the Nike logo, any regular joe would think it would be fine to wear. Although, it likely wouldn’t have hurt to ask someone first to check with the league office before just going out and doing it.

Regardless, it’s hard not to applaud Oubre’s out-there, fashion-forward thinking. The NBA world will be eagerly awaiting his next groundbreaking new idea.