Here is our Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Boss Guide on how to beat Zhang Liang. This guide will include his attack patterns, counters, drops, and more.

How To Beat Zhang Liang – Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Boss Guide

Players will face Zhang Liang in the mission Village of Calamity. This boss is a required boss and must be defeated to proceed in the game.

Zhang Liang Attack Patterns

Here are the attack patterns of Zhang Liang

  • Phase 1 (Human Form)
    • Fatal Strike
      • He will glow red before swinging his weapon.
      • Parry this attack
    • Overhead Swing
      • He will swing the mace above his head before slamming it onto the ground
      • You can keep your distance or block this attack, or you can parry his attack and counterattack.
    • Combo
      • He will prepare to swing his mace, then swing it three to four times
      • You can keep your distance or block this attack, or you can parry each of his attacks,
  • Phase 2 (Demon Form)
    • Spikes
      • He will slam his mace onto the ground, then send spikes toward you.
      • You can either dodge or block this attack. Alternatively, you can also parry it.
    • Fatal Strike
      • He will glow red before trying to grab you, or at lower health attack continuously.
      • Parry this attack.
    • Charging attack.
      • He will point his mace at you before charging at you quickly.
      • You can block or dodge this attack. You can also parry it.
    • AOE attack
      • Happens when you use a Fatal Strike on him.
      • Move away from the red AOE field.
    • Leap Attack
      • He will jump in the air and try to land at your position.
      • Dodge this attack or parry it.

Parrying attacks, especially the Fatal Strikes, will decrease your enemy’s Spirit Gauge significantly. As such, it is ideal for you to parry as much as possible, then damage them heavily with your Fatal Strike once it is available.

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Although his attacks should be slow because of his mace, they are anything but. Players must make sure to not get greedy with their attacks. Attack a few times, then create distance. Repeat this until you finish Phase 1. Once you reach Phase 2, you don’t actually have to defeat Zhang Liang. Players just need to whittle him down to around half-health. Once they do, the player will receive a prompt to summon the Divine Beast. Doing so will immediately end the fight.

Zhang Liang Drops

These are the drops that you can get after defeating Zhang Liang

  • Great Club of Polaris
  • Random pieces from the General of Man Set
    • General of Man Bandana
    • General of Man Armor
    • General of Man Gauntlets
    • General of Man Greaves

That’s all for our Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Boss Guide on how to beat Zhang Liang.  The game is available on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X|S, and PC. For more gaming news from us, you can check out our gaming news articles.