After weeks of anticipation, NXT will finally take their show on the road to Bakersfield, California, for a six-match – plus one more on the pre-show – running of No Mercy.

With four titles on the line plus the Heritage Cup up for contention, Shawn Michaels is banking on strong television numbers, propelling his program to new heights moving forward in the hopes of setting up even more intrigue when NXT returns to the PC in Orlando on Tuesday.

And the best part? It's coming to fans for free on Peacock, instead of costing $50 to purchase on Pay-Per-View. Here are six bold predictions for the super-sized show.

6. Butch becomes the NXT Heritage Cup Champion

With Sheamus reportedly out of action indefinitely with a “serious” shoulder injury, WWE could have Butch and Ridge Holland hang out as a lower card tag team who lose more matches than they win on Main Event and house show dark matches.

… or, HBK could call Butch down to NXT once more to go on another Pete Dunn run with the NXT Heritage Cup.

After earning the most wins of any performer in the NXT Heritage Cup Tournament, plus a decisive win over Joe Coffey in the finals, Butch, with Tyler Bate in his corner, will go head-to-head with Noam Dar in a British Rounds Rules match and has the potential to become the guy in that particular division if he secures the win over Meta Four, a faction known more for their outfits than in-ring efforts.

If HBK cares about wrestling, which he obviously does, he should put Butch over.

5. Bron Breakker finally leaves NXT behind

When Bron Breakker lost his title on WrestleMania weekend, more than a few fans assumed that they'd seen the last of the second-generation Steiner in an NXT ring.

Instead, Breakker has just sort of… stuck around, transitioning into heel and working a series of angles where he beats up on opponents like Von Wagner and sends them out of action.

Could that happen again with Baron Corbin, sending him back to the main roster once and for all? Sure, but objectively speaking, just how much longer can Breakker keep this current schtick up before it starts getting old? If he keeps beating the bricks off of the biggest dudes NXT has to offer, eventually, he'll run out of opponents and have to wrestle Carmelo Hayes again, as there are only so many Dijack-level mid-bosses on the NXT roster.

Trips, just send him up to RAW and be done with it.

4. The Creed Brothers become NXT Tag Team Champions

Much like Bron Breakker, it felt like the Creed Brothers had a perfect out to leave NXT for good when they lost a Loser Leaves NXT match to the Dyad, who, ironically, left NXT for good earlier this month.

… instead, they just sort of returned as part of their feud with Schism and have been hanging out without a clear direction ever since.

Could WWE kick them up to the main roster like they probably should with Breakker? Yes, but hey, if that isn't in the cards, why not make them the NXT Tag Team Champions, an honor they have yet to be afforded in developmental? If they're stuck in Orlando a little longer, they might as well be rewarded for it.

3. Carmelo Hayes retains with Bobby Lashley in attendance

Will Carmelo Hayes leave Bakersfield with the NXT Championship? More likely than not, the answer is yes, as he's been dominating the top of the card for the last six months and likely isn't going away any time soon, but if WWE wants to make things interesting, they can make things interesting for “Him” outside of the ring.

How? Well, by having Bobby Lashley come out to the ring – or watch from the audience – to “scout” Hayes versus Ilja Dragunov, that's how.

With Shelton Benjamin officially released, it's clear the Hurt Business, as formerly constructed, isn't coming back any time soon. Keeping the option of Hayes and/or Trick Williams joining the group, in turn, remains in Paul “Triple H” Levesque's best interest.

2. “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio whoops Trick Williams with Dragon Lee

On paper, if there was ever a match to have “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio lose, this would be the one.

I mean think about it, from a Kayfabe standpoint, he has an unfamiliar foe whom he wasn't preparing for, has a major rival serving as the special referee, and his Mami, Rhea Ripley, out of action following a huge beatdown from a returning Nia Jax.

Then again, Lee already has a match booked on the next episode of SmackDown as part of an unrelated angle, and every other member of the Judgment Day are still champions – and are presumably available to come to the show as muscular enforcers – so why wouldn't Dom come out on top, especially since Trick Williams' singles run is just starting out?

1. Becky Lynch goes over Tiffany Stratton in the No Mercy Main Event

When news broke that Becky Lynch and Tiffany Stratton would be headlining No Mercy, it signified that Shawn Michaels knew the exact gravity of the match.

Unfortunately, even if the match has the potential to be very good, the outcome is anything but unpredictable, as Lynch has already been advertised from a match with Tegan Nox on RAW and, as a result, will almost certainly secure the win while keeping her newly won NXT Women's Championship alive at No Mercy.

Now granted, could that change? Could Lynch lose and Stratton take part in that match instead, wrestling Nox on RAW to announce her arrival on the Red Brand as a full-time player? Sure thing, but hey, there's no reason why Stratton couldn't still come to RAW anyway, even as a loser, right? If getting eyes on NXT is the goal after No Mercy, Lynch as champion does the job.