WrestleMania 40 is still almost a year away, but that doesn't mean WWE can't start planning which matches will main event their biggest show of the year. On Night 1 of WrestleMania 39, we saw Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens defeat The Usos to win the Unified WWE Tag Team Championships. On Night 2 of WrestleMania 39, Roman Reigns defeated Cody Rhodes to retain the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

Fans might want to become familiar with Cody Rhodes main eventing WrestleMania. Since returning to WWE last year, Rhodes has been treated as one of the biggest stars in the company. He's beaten some of WWE's biggest stars and has headlined multiple pay-per-views. He has yet to win a championship since returning to the company, but that will change in the future.

WWE has two different plans for the main event of WrestleMania 40. One match may not surprise you, but the other one might. Wrestle Vote told GiveMeSport that WWE is considering running back Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes. But this time around, the result may be different.

“I can say this. The rematch that’s at the forefront of everybody’s minds, Cody vs Roman, is very much on the table to main event in Philadelphia next year.”

On the other hand, WRKD Wrestling tweeted that WWE has its eyes on another possible main event. It still involves Cody Rhodes, but instead of Roman Reigns, he'll face the current Intercontinental Champion, Gunther.

“While it’s still early, discussions have taken place for #WWERaw’s main event for WrestleMania 40 to potentially be Cody Rhodes vs. Gunther. Both superstars have expressed interest in working with each other in the past and are seen as the top face and heel on the Raw roster.”

While these are two very different matches, they'd both tear the house down. Fans may be upset that we'll possibly be getting Roman Reigns/Cody Rhodes II, but that will be the perfect moment for Cody Rhodes to become the new Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

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I understand fans are still angry that Reigns retained his titles at WrestleMania 39. Would it have been incredible to see Cody Rhodes win the championship his father never won? Of course, but it wasn't his time. Rhodes is still too fresh on the scene and needs more time to become a household name in WWE.

Yes, he originally came from WWE, but to many fans, he was an AEW star coming over to WWE. WWE can't allow an AEW superstar to come in and dethrone their top guy that quickly. Rhodes was also injured for most of last year, so he's only been back for less than as an active competitor. The result upset many people, but that doesn't mean Rhodes' story is over.

Gunther vs. Cody Rhodes is promising, too. There's no doubt that Gunther is the future of WWE. The way he's been treated since joining the main roster proves WWE has big plans for him. He hasn't been pinned or submitted since debuting on the main roster and is closing in on one year as Intercontinental Champion.

It's only a matter of time before Gunther enters the main event scene. He's one of the best pure wrestlers in the company and has the perfect villain character. Gunther is part of a fantastic group that can become one of the biggest threats in the company. He's presented as a star. He looks like a star. Gunther will be a star.

Cody Rhodes would be the perfect superstar for Gunther to main-event WrestleMania with. It's still too early for Gunther to face off against Roman Reigns, although that's what fans would love to see. Both superstars have expressed interest in working with each other in the future, so a future WrestleMania match is in the cards.

A lot can happen from now until next April, so these plans can always change. Hopefully, by April, though, Gunther will be in the world championship picture and in a position to main event WrestleMania. We all know Roman Reigns will main event Night 2 of WrestleMania 40 no matter what, and time will tell who he will face and who will main event Night 1 of WrestleMania. WWE will have plenty of options to choose from.

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