Since debuting an attempted viral marketing campaign to hint at something happening at 9:23 PM on the 9.23 edition of SmackDown, the WWE Universe has been on overdrive trying to figure out who – or what – the White Rabbit could be.

Is it a reference to Karrion Kross, as he wrestled under the name in Lucha Underground and has used the motif alongside his signature hourglass and “Tick Tok” catchphrase, but then again, Kross 2.0 has just gotten over after returning to WWE on August 5th, and it would be rather strange to switch things up so early in his run.

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No, while a more Lewis Caroll-inspired Kross wouldn't be the worst idea imaginable, especially if he could bring back his Lucha Underground glasses, the popular name in the clubhouse for this new star was none other than Brey Wyatt, whose World Eater gimmick could the “world” be referenced in the hangman game in WWE's viral campaign. Whether working with Kross or simply doing his own thing, the return of Wyatt, Windham Rotunda, or even Husky Harris, if they feel so inclined, would draw an incredible pop to a near-unprecedented degree.

So naturally, when 9:22 on the East Coast rolled around, fans locked on with bated breath to see what on earth was going to happen. Kross was already in the ring, having choked out Drew McIntyre after a Scarlott fireball dazed him, and surely the segment would end with a huge reveal or at least another clue in the mystery.

… except that didn't happen. No, instead, fans were greeted with a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup commercial and ads for insurance. Why? Well, because the show actually went to commercial at 9:22 and didn't return until a few minutes later without so much as a single mention of the mystery.

Was this intentional? Did WWE pivot to a new plan, as they shared the coordinates for the venue of Monday night's edition of RAW? Or was this a massive mistake that fans will goof on indefinitely? Either way, this isn't an ideal look for anyone involved.