Despite officially jumping ship from SmackDown to RAW after a totally-not-Kayfabe few weeks spent on the alumni section of the WWE roster page, Jey Uso remains one of the hottest factional free agents on the Red Brand, with The Judgment Day and Sami Zayn vying for his allegiance heading into the fall.

On paper, sticking it out as a babyface versus joining up with the hottest heel faction on RAW each has its own pros and cons, as there's strength in numbers if you can trust the people by your side – and if they can trust you – but neither option presents the familiar familiarity that Uso is used to, as he's been working alongside his uncle/brothers since Solo Sikoa was born in 1993.

Fortunately, in the opinion of another member of the greater Fatu-Anioi family, there's an option that would allow Sikoa to have his cake and eat it too: Jey should form his own Bloodline on RAW with Zilla and Jacob Fatu.

“You have Solo, Jimmy, and Roman on SmackDown. Jey is the only Bloodline member on RAW,” Zilla Fatu said on Apples & Grapes via Fightful. “He's the babyface on RAW and beefing with everybody in the back. How can he keep himself lit and take over? I feel like they need to get me and Jacob Fatu. They need to sign us and put us on Raw and have us form our own Bloodline and somehow incorporate maybe us going to SmackDown and confronting them, ‘Y'all need to move right. This family is built off loyalty and respect. You're not showing none of that.'

“Have Roman talk his shit and us just feuding. Instead of it being Tribal Combat, it'll be Tribal Warfare. The three-on-three would have to be maybe at WrestleMania or some big pay-per-view. The lineup is so perfect because if we do a three-on-three, it's twin vs. twin, Samoan Spike vs. Samoan Spike, and Jacob vs. Roman. I got goosebumps. That would turn up. We thought SummerSlam was something, but what I'm talking about Tribal Warfare, and we're all fighting to be Tribal Chief. F the belt and other stuff. We're fighting for the necklace. That's big and something different. There's a lot of truth in it.”

Now, for fans out of the know, the idea of a Fatu or two signing with WWE is nothing new, as Jimmy and Jey Uso even shouted out the “Samoan Werewolf” and the rest of their extended Bloodline in May for a video for WWE digital. The prospects of making such a move happening, however, remains to be seen, as this will he, won't he with The Judgment Day may prove too interesting to drop before Survivor Series.

Jacob Fatu would love to join Jey Uso in WWE.

Speaking of Jacob Fatu and his desire to jump from MLW to one of the Big 2, the “Samoan Werewolf” told MuscleManMalcolm that while he would be open to working with any of his Bloodline members or even his long-time friend Powerhouse Hobbs in AEW, joining Jey Uso in WWE remains number one on his wishlist.

“I mean, to be on WWE. We gotta think about the history. All my family’s been there. If I ever had the chance to go there, absolutely, I would love to go there,” Jacob Fatu said via Fightful. “But mind you, it’s more than just that. I’m responsible for seven mouths, and for eight. I’m responsible for eight people living and breathing, my wife and my kids.

Like I said, I really function with everybody. You ain’t heard nobody say one bad thing about me backstage with the boys because I don’t get down like that. But I watch AEW. I got my boy, Will Hobbs, over there. Shoutout to Will Hobbs. Not only that. To see the other talent that I’ve been on the road with, for them to experience AEW feels good to me because I remember being at that age and not having a platform. But any little thing I did, if it felt big to me, I would embrace it.

“So I’m happy for the boys, and I’m happy everybody’s getting money. I’m happy everybody’s tapping in. But being in WWE, man, my father, my uncle, look, my cousins are there. So absolutely, if I had the chance, I would go. But if it don’t work out, it don’t work out.

}Like my sis, Trin. Shout-out to Trin. She’s over there in IMPACT. Then what, Japan, Lance is in NOAH. Juicy’s always out there in AAA. It’s about just living live and with me having as many kids as I have, I kind of would like to be somewhere to where I can control my schedule. But I just leave it in god’s hands.”

With 11 title reigns on his resume and counting, including a 819-day run with the MLW World Heavyweight Championship, it's clear Fatu has the pedigree and in-ring ability to be a fantastic addition to the WWE roster. If the promotion can look past his past legal issues, his addition to the roster would be a no-brainer win for all parties involved, especially if he brings Zilla along for the ride.