Paul “Triple H” Levesque is one of the most respected wrestlers in WWE history.

Sure, some will look down on his dagger-visioned desire to do whatever it takes to get over and for burying other stars who could have been huge in the process, but the numbers don’t lie, and as his Twitter account clearly showcases, Levesque is a 14-Time World Champion who was part of one of the most iconic factions in wrestling history. Even if the WWE announced DX reunion will be woefully underwhelming without everyone’s favorite daddy, Billy Gunn, fans will go absolutely wild when Levesque comes down to the ring with a leather jacket and his sledgehammer, and they will be 100 percent justified.

So naturally, one would assume that Levesque wouldn’t be the biggest fan of bringing in non-wrestlers to compete in a WWE ring now that he’s in charge of the booking. Like sure, he accepted Logan Paul because he was grandfathered in under Vince McMahon, but the former winner of The Wrestling Observer’s Booker of the Year would want to focus on actual storylines like Sami Zayn joining The Bloodline over a celebrity wrestling a vanity match for the sake of “spectacle,” right?

Fortunately or not, depending on your preference, you would be mistaken, as Levesque did have some of his best success during the Attitude Era and has embraced bringing in celebrity Superstars like Bad Bunny if they are willing to put in the work.

Triple H has high praise for WWE’s celebrity part-timers.

When asked about bringing Paul into the WWE for the main event match against Reigns at Crown Jewel in an interview with LAD Bible, Triple H was surprisingly candid and incredibly complementary of the social media star and fellow celebrity wrestler Bad Bunny, as transcribed by Fightful.

“If you said to me ‘Hey, there’s this guy Logan Paul, he wants to get involved in the wrestling business, he wants to get involved in WWE and he comes in and he’s got an attitude and he doesn’t wanna get hurt and he doesn’t wanna take bumps and he wants it to be special and all about him…’ I’m not doing that. When somebody comes in that loves it, that is passionate about it, that trains their ass off for it…You don’t do what he did in the events that he’s worked for us, you don’t do what he’s done at WrestleMania without a lot of hard work and without a lot of effort. Same thing with Bad Bunny, this guy just [won] artist of the year at the video music awards, he’s arguably the biggest musical attraction on the planet and he’s like ‘Hey, when can I get in the ring for you guys again?’. When I tell you that he was gonna do the stuff for us with Miz and all of that at WrestleMania and have that moment… I was very honest with him, I was like ‘you’re gonna have to work really hard at this’. He went and got a house in Orlando, just down the road and he showed up everyday at that performance center every day. He got in that ring every single day, getting his a** kicked.”

To his credit, The Miz, the only wrestler in WWE who has actually been in the ring for a match against both Bunny and Paul, has been similarly welcoming of outsiders too.

“My goal, whenever a celebrity comes in, is not to have them just sit on the sidelines and watch me work,” The Miz told “What the fans paid to see is, ‘is Logan Paul going to be able to do this?’ And I want to be able to give fans that answer, whether it’s positive or negative. So I’m going to push whichever celebrity is out there to be their absolute best, and it only works if they have the heart, the dedication, the will, and the athletic ability do it.”

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So why is Miz so willing to “push” whichever celebrity he’s tasked with working with? Well, because at this point, he’s accepted that his role in the company is to be the ultimate utility player.

“I would say my role in the company now is as a person who can develop newcomers but also be in the main event, or help the main event out, or be on the mid-card. I can be anywhere,” Miz said. “I’m the person that they’re like, ‘hey, we’ve got this,’ and if they give it to me, they know it’s going to be gold.”

If a 14-time world champion like Triple H and a 20-time champion like Miz are willing to wrestle the likes of Paul and Bunny, who are fans to question their bookings, especially when the latter is capable of ripping off a pretty incredible Bunny Destroyer?