When Paul “Triple H” Levesque finally made his way to the Clash at the Castle post-show press conference following comments from the Unholy Union, CM Punk, and Damian Priest, it felt like only a matter of time before the WWE CCO addressed the elephant in the room: did Drew McIntyre get screwed by the “Best in the World?”

Now, on paper, it would make sense that a promotion's booker would be upset to see a Superstar not even booked on a show coming out to impact the finish of a PLE main event, impersonating a referee no less and assaulting a challenger in a match-altering bit of interference but for one reason or another, the “The Game” decided to take things in a different direction, celebrating the “Second City Saint” for returning to the promotion with a new attitude and a collaborative spirit.

“There is a change, and there is a new era, a new atmosphere, all those things. Absolutely, in some ways, they are things he was asking for and started a long time ago. At a time that, maybe he and I, for a lot of reasons, just saw things differently from each other. We saw eye-to-eye, but it was angry eye-to-eye. It was opposition eye-to-eye. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have him back. I cannot tell you how exciting it is for me to see the Phil Brooks that I wanted to see then,” Triple H reporters at Clash at the Castle via Fightful.

“While maybe my efforts to get that were taken wrong, and it's what led to friction, I always knew the Phil Brooks that I see today was inside there. Just couldn't express it in the right way. As much as this has changed, he has changed. I have got to tell you, it's amazing. I am excited for the future, and I'm excited to not just work with him but to be around him. He's a pleasure to be around in the locker room, a pleasure to be around as a performer. He's a pleasure to be around, helping other guys to grow to change, to impart what he has learned, not only as a performer, but also as a person that was on the wrong side of things but maybe figured it out along the way. That is valuable information that he can share with another generation that is coming behind him. I'm thrilled and excited to have him here, and I'm thrilled and excited to not only work with him in a talent role but work with him to create the WWE that both he and I always wanted it to be.”

Should McIntyre be upset with how Levesque decided to address the situation? You bet, but fortunately for the “Scottish Warrior,” he didn't need to address the situation head-on, as he had a champion in Wade Barrett, who was willing to fight for his honor.

Wade Barrett wants Triple H to fire CM Punk after CatC.

Speaking of Wade Barrett's comments about the “Best in the World,” the former leader of Nexus discussed the main event on the official Clash at the Castle post-show and made his feelings crystal clear about what he thinks should happen following the match's finish: CM Punk should be fired.

“That was the biggest screwjob in history, just beating Bret Hart. That is the new number one. There is a huge shadow cast upon this entire industry thanks to the actions of CM Punk. CM Punk needs to be fired by WWE management. For once, show some balls. Do what you're supposed to do. This is a guy who was medically cleared to be in contact with any wrestler. He has now materially affected the outcome of two heavyweight championship matches,” Wade Barrett told fans via Fightful.

“What is CM Punk doing here? He wasn't booked for SmackDown. He wasn't booked for media. He wasn't booked for Clash at the Castle. Are you trying to tell me he got a private jet all the way over to Scotland just to watch the show? He ruined this event.”

After watching Triple H's comments at the presser, Barrett was afforded one final chance to address the WWE Universe before the show went off the virtual air and let it be known that he didn't appreciate the “softball” questions thrown at the CCO and would have instead preferred to see some anger regarding Punk's blatant cheating.

“He should have been thrown out of the building. To invite him to the press conference after that and give him donuts and throw softball questions at him,” Barrett asked. “To have the leader of this industry, the leader of WWE, a man who I respect, Triple H, come out and answer these issues with quotes like, ‘I'm happy to have Phil Brooks back. This is the Phil Brooks I want to see. Thrilled and excited to work with him. Thank you, CM Punk, for helping change the culture behind the scenes at WWE.' I cannot respect any of that. It's nonsense. The man is poison.”

Whoa, does Barrett want to get fired? Well, based on his comments, I'm frankly surprised he didn't draw the letters AEW in the air like Bret Hart at the end of Survivor Series 1997 as the show went off the air. Even if Triple H and WWE as a whole are happy to have Punker on the roster, it's safe to say he's going to get some ugly looks if he runs into “Bad News” on SmackDown this Friday.