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xQc admits he deserves getting banned from NoPixel’s GTA RP server

xQc admits he deserves ban from NoPixel GTA RP Server

xQc may have surprised his fans when he went live on Twitch and admitted he deserves getting banned from NoPixel’s GTA RP server. What’s more, xQc says he thinks the ban should have come sooner. With his ban from the GTA RP server, xQc expressed regret over it. Because he cares so much about roleplaying, he says he’ll miss the server a lot, but then concludes that it’s finally time to move on.

“I want you to just look at a pattern, okay?” xQc says on stream (thanks to Alexandros_YB for the clip). “I mald all the time, and you know what? I actually should have been banned a long time ago.” xQc admits that malding out of character should not be acceptable. Given that he’s done that a couple of times in the past (along with other infractions), he says he believes the server should have banned him way, way before.

While xQc has given us a lot of fun times on his GTA RP livestreams, it seems like it’s time to say goodbye to that chapter of his career.

xQc not happy with how MOONMOON and Penta called him out

Meanwhile, xQc still had choice words for some of the other streamers who have spoken out against him before. He singled out MOONMOON and Penta, two streamers that he has ‘tapped’ before. “In both instances, these in-game actions, which honestly barely had any interaction led to insane out of control [Out-of-character] rants,” says xQc. He also reacts to Penta saying that he won’t be reporting xQc for his actions is pointless because he won’t be reprimanded, anyway. “It’s just not right because you’re not reporting me because the juicers are on you. You’re not reporting because you have no case. That’s a cop-out.”

The streamer concluded his stream saying that he’s done with all the drama. “I’m going to miss [roleplaying] a lot because that’s all I care about,” he says. “But it is what it is, and let’s f*cking move on. Things happen, I guess.”