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xQc reveals what’s the secret to success: it’s not simply following trends

xQc's secret to success

xQc has some wise words for his followers who would like to follow in his footsteps as a streamer and content creator. His tip? It’s not always about following what’s trendy.

xQc’s Secret to Success: Do What You Enjoy Doing

xQc shared in one of his streams what he thinks is the key to greatness. For him, the secret to success isn’t simply following the trends to ride the hype and get the views for what’s trending. Instead, he believes that having the courage to try out something new and streaming activities that you actually enjoy is what makes things great. So for xQc, the secret to success is to just do what you enjoy doing. He says so during one of his live streams: (thanks to Dexerto for the clip):

“It’s not about the people who are number one, getting all the trends and following all the trends,” says xQc. “The people that try to do new things and people exploring unchartered territories – it is what makes streaming what it is.”

It might be cliché at this point, but clichés are there because they’re so true, they get repeated so often. xQc himself follows his own advice, as he has stopped on some occasions from streaming popular games that he no longer enjoys. He even sometimes streams obscure games that he says he likes. For him, sharing things to his community is an important thing. It is also perhaps why some of his followers enjoy following him.

Most importantly, it’s through the exploration of new things where trends arise. “There would not be anybody getting into these trends… if it wasn’t for [people who try out new things],” he stresses out.

He does have a point – we would probably not have the Among Us phenomenon last year had no one tried streaming the game and starting a chain reaction that will have every streamer and their mom playing Among Us on their broadcasts. But then again, that’s just his opinion. While many streamers might be able to relate to his advice, it might not be true for everyone. Trends, after all, can make superstars out of nobodies.