Aaron Judge was recently hit by a pitch that forced him out of the New York Yankees lineup for a game. However, after many feared he may have suffered a more serious injury, the superstar outfielder is already returning after missing just one game.

That's right! The Yankees made sure to feature Aaron Judge in their graphic announcing Thursday's starting lineup against the Baltimore Orioles. It appears it wasn't a serious injury at all as the best hitter in baseball is back at the plate on Thursday.

This is great news for New York as the best team in the league will have their superstar player active. They'll have a chance to extend their lead on the American League East as they aim to take down the Orioles. We should expect Aaron Judge to continue playing at a high level.

The pitch that hit Judge was right on his hand. It looked painful as the Yankees star left the game almost immediately. Many feared he may have suffered a fractured hand. But Aaron Judge somehow avoided serious injury.

Judge has been a monster this season, which has been the norm for several seasons now. Entering Thursday's game against the Orioles, the Yankees star has recorded an impressive .302 ERA, 26 home runs, and 64 RBIs. He's certainly in the running for the AL MVP and his play his helping New York lead the league with over 50 wins. They're the first team to reach 50 wins on the season as of this publishing.

With that said, the Yankees are looking primed for a potential World Series run. New York hasn't won a championship since 2009. It's been a long while for the fanbase to celebrate a championship despite the fact this team has the most World Series wins (27) by a large margin. The team with the second most titles is the St. Louis Cardinals (11), who hasn't won since 2011.