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Juan Soto, Aaron Judge and Anthony Volpe all looking happy, NY Yankees logo, baseball field in background

Baseball has returned with spring training games getting underway, and that means the New York Yankees are back in action. Fans have been waiting since the end of last season to get that sour taste of failure out of their mouths, and so far, the Yankees have given them plenty of things to cheer about. […]

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Yankees' Juan Soto with eyes popping out looking at Yankees' Aaron Boone. Have Boone holding a piece of paper. On the paper write the following: YANKEES' LINEUP
Aaron Judge and Juan Soto both in Yankees' uniforms in front. In background, I need each of the following players in Yankees uniforms from when they played in MLB: Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter, Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris, and Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig.
Yankees' Juan Soto, next to Yankee Aaron Judge.
Aaron Judge on one side, Anthony Volpe on the other side with stars in his eyes
Yankees' Aaron Judge looking serious in front. In background, need Yankees' Aaron Judge swinging a bat.
Hal Steinbrenner, Yankees, Aaron Judge, Juan Soto, Judge Yankees
Yankees' Aaron Judge wearing a hat (NOT a helmet) and wearing a baseball glove on his hand. However, have him standing near first base (in the infield).
Ronald Acuna in the middle with a spotlight on him Aaron Judge and Mookie Betts on either side of Acuna
Yankees, Aaron Judge, Aaron Judge Yankees, Yankees free agency, MLB free agency, Aaron Judge in Yankees uni with Yankee stadium in the background
Yankees' Aaron Judge stands at New York's stadium amid injury, AL East fans in the background await Spring Training
Yankees sluggers Juan Soto and Aaron Judge
Aaron Boone and Aaron Judge swinging a bat next to a Yankees logo at Yankee Stadium
Photo: Aaron Judge saying “Please, skip!” in Yankees jersey, Aaron Boone beside him, Yankee Stadium as background
Yankees Aaron Judge and Drake
Yankees' Aaron Judge and Juan Soto hyped up
Yankees' Aaron Boone handing a piece of paper to Yankees' Aaron Judge, Yankees' Juan Soto. On the paper, write the following: 2024 LINEUP
NY Yankees' Marcus Stroman in middle of image, with Yankees' Aaron Judge and Yankees' Juan Soto on either side of Stroman.
Giants Tommy DeVito and Yankees Aaron Judge with New York in the bg
Yankees' Aaron swinging a bat on left side of screen. Dodgers' Andrew Friedman on right side of screen. Give Friedman a thought bubble, and in the bubble place Angels' Shohei Ohtani
Yankees sluggers Juan Soto and Aaron Judge